Alert the National Guard!

JerseyChick is going to B-A-K-E!

Srsly, it’s about to get busy around here, so don’t look for me until after Christmas. If I do post, it’ll be 2-a.m.-type ramblings.

Tonight is Mom’s Nite Out. I missed November, since Mr Wonderful spent an extra hour chatting with a student and didn’t come home with the working vehicle. I missed October, since #2 was in the hospital. I’m beginning to forget the sounds of these ladies’ voices! Gasp!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we need to get #1 packed during schooltime. Late in the afternoon, I’m giving a midterm to my Latin 3 student. She may finish (I hope!) early, giving me time to run to the grocery store before AWANA and pick up cookie ingredients and Crock Pot Mac-n-Cheese ingredients. Then the parties. Hey- I get to try bringing chicken soup in that thermos I found, and my kiddos will have dinner before 9 pm!

Thursday, whilst I am giving midterms to all and sundry, my friend is going to change the oil in the van. He should finish just about when my classes let out. Meanwhile, Rootie is coming over to pick up #1.

When I get home Thursday, only #2 and #3 will be around, so we may bake a new cookie I just found the recipe for: Pistachio and Cherry Shortbread Squares. The local tearoom, run by a darling lady who grew up in England, published the recipe this week, and I have been searching for a pistachio recipe to take to Home Group, since the lady of that house has never tried them.

Friday we’ll do school (yes, it’s close to the holiday, but I want to be done with the school year by mid-March!), then make crock pot chili and a birthday cake for #2 and be over to the J Boys’ house by 6:30.

Saturday is school again, finishing any baking, and sending #2 off to the homeschool Middle School Christmas party at the House with the Drive-Through Christmas Lights. #2 is expected to bring $3 for pizza, cookies, a white elephant gift, and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys. #3 will be home with Mr W and I, and will probably spend at least 3 hours on a computer game. Mr W and I will be cleaning…

I’ll put mac-n-cheese in the crockpot Sunday before church and make sure we have plenty of sliced bread. We were given leftover ham from the Christmas dinner- already sliced and ready for sandwiches. The ELEVEN (What was I thinking?) are coming over for lunch and I am (What was I thinking?) hosting a Cookie Exchange.

What I was thinking was this: Cookie Exchanges are fun, I like all 11 girls, and I want #2 to know that, although I spend every Wednesday with #1’s AWANA group, she (#2) is not left out of my thoughts and efforts. {We offered to host Egg Olympics for #3’s group at our house, but his leader didn’t have time in his schedule this fall. Maybe in the Spring?}

Anyway, Mr Wonderful has to run off to the church Sunday night for a class he’s assisting, and there will be an empty couch for me to collapse on after the Exchange.

Then, that’s it. Nothing more planned until New Year’s Day, when I’m cooking Dutch Dinner. The kitchen calendar looks so peaceful from the 21st to the 31st. I may even catch my own tail!

If you don’t hear from me, Merry Christmas, ya’ll.

6 responses to “Alert the National Guard!

  1. Getting it all done in 3 days is definitely the way to go. Have fun! Enjoy the collapse!

  2. Dear Anyone Else Who Reads This,
    The pistachio cherry shortbread squares were not square, they were star shaped. And delicious. Decadent even.

  3. So I’m dying to know, how did the cookie exchange turn out?? 🙂 The pistachio cherry shortbread sounded incredible…

    • You do realize the cookie exchange was in December 2009, not 2010? 😉
      My kids hated the pistachio cherry stars- 2 of the 3 seem to abhor all dried fruits. That left more stars for Mr Wonderful and I!
      The exchange was fun- I wasn’t nearly as obsessive about everyone getting the same number of cookies with these young girls, and they were just as happy to hang with other preteenas. We played Cranium- have you played that?
      My 2nd daughter (who is in that age group) has a birthday just before Christmas, so we tie together their outing with her party. This year, “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” came out 4 days before, so we had pizza after church and went to see that movie instead of having a cookie exchange. I spend a lot of time with my oldest daughter’s group, the JVs, so the annual outing has been a chance to get to know my 2nd’s friends a bit better.
      Lots of women here in the Deep South would consider it almost sacriligeous to see a movie rather than do something “food-y”, but again, the preteenas are cool with changes.
      Next year my daughter will be old enough for JV, so I don’t know what the preteenas group will do for an outing…

  4. LOL — I *knew* it had been a while since I’d seen a new post, but I thought when I saw “Dec” that I’d just flaked out and forgotten to read your posts here… so yeah. 😀 I’m totally down with “Dawn Treader” instead of cookies, but I’m not a Southern Woman either. 😀 Yes to Cranium, fun game. My brother sent us “Finish Lines” for Christmas this year, we haven’t played it yet, but it totally sounds like our kind of fun, since we are routinely prone to random quoting from widely varied sources.

  5. Long time, no see! How are you?

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